Organizers of BACIF 2019 conference are pleased to announce honourable plenary speakers:

Professor Catherine M.G.C. Renard

French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), Avignon, France

Lecture: „Variability in polyphenolic content in fresh and processed rosaceae fruits”

Sylvain Guyot D.Sc

French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), Le Rheu, France

Lecture: „Methods for structural analysis of procyanidins, condensed tanins and their oxidation products in foods”

Professor Vassilis Fotopoulous

Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus

Lecture: „Employment of physiological, analytical and molecular approaches for the examination of quality attributes of loquat (Eriobotrya japonica L.) fruit”

Professor Christiane Kruse Faeste

Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway

Lecture: „Mycotoxins: old foes – new finds”

Professor Lorenzo Bertin

Univesity of Bologna, Italy

Lecture: „Extraction of functional biomolecules from organic wastes”

Pietro Rocculi D.Sc

Univesity of Bologna (Campus Cesena), Italy

Lecture: „Mild processing strategies for food fortification with biologically active compounds”